Online casino game developer


Many budding game developers cast an eye towards the booming industry that is online casinos in the UK as a highly prospective market to create games for. However, whilst there are numerous online casino operators in the UK market most of them offer games from only a handful of casino technology companies that provide the games. This means although potentially a very lucrative market for games developers it is a hard one to break into. This doesn’t mean you should be completely discouraged from trying. There is an industry trend towards casinos offering more exclusive titles and those are either developed in house, or acquired from smaller game design studios. It is a hard industry to break into but not impossible. It should be understood though that getting a new casino game adopted is highly competitive and only the very best will make it.

If you think you do have what it takes to create an online casino game which will be noticed and acquired by a casino, great. But here’s a few guidelines to stick to when putting in the hard labour that is required when creating a prototype to pitch.

  1. Less is more

Probably the most common mistake that game developers make when trying to invent a popular new casino game is to over-elaborate in the pursuit of creating something unique and interesting. A complex game me seem more interesting to you but the fact is that casino games where the basic rules take more than 30 seconds to explain to a new player very rarely have any success. Players will be intrigued by a game that they have not seen before but if they cannot grasp the general principles by observing a few games, they will not show the patience required to learn how to play. A successful casino game is likely to be one that is compatible both for online and land-based casinos and in land-based casinos it slows down the game if the dealer needs to take time to explain the game’s rules. The more complicated a game the more room for error from the dealer there is as well and casinos don’t like games that dealers can make mistakes with.

  1. Don’t try to be too creative

While it’s not impossible to invent a completely new casino game the fact is that over the last century or so the staple casino games have not really changed that much. Gamblers are creatures of habit and their habits revolve around poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps and roulette. Now, at some point a new game or two will be adopted by casino players on a mass scale but the odds of you being the person to come up with that are about the equivalent of the shark eating you being hit by lightning.

All the successful new casino games over the past few decades have been new twists on the established favourites. And you probably want to stick to poker, blackjack and baccarat as I can’t think of a variation on craps or roulette which has taken off. Again, if you are brave enough go outside of what has been proven to work when done right, but you’ll have to do so with the knowledge that your chances of pulling it off are minimal.